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Aikido Technique


$59 New Student Invitation

The $59 New Student Invitation is how adult students with no experience start at Tenzan Aikido. The $59 special includes a private lesson where a black belt instructor will introduce you to the basics. The deal includes a group class that you may make an appointment to attend after you finish your private lesson. In the group class, you will be tutored by a blackbelt. By the end of the class, you will know an aikido technique or two, you will have had a great workout and you will feel your confidence building. All this for $59! Call 206-525-4032 to schedule your private lesson.

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Aikido for Beginners

Aikido for Beginners is an on-going, introductory class for men and women. In this class you will receive step-by-step instruction on the three fundamental techniques that will serve as a portal into the entire art. The warm-up will help to increase flexibility and core strength. Next comes aikido technique practice where you will be shown the basics at an easy pace. Each class ends with 5 minutes of basic meditation practice. People come away from this class with a great workout, connection to core strength and a more focused mind.

All Levels Class

Techniques that can be practiced at various skill levels are emphasized. This class provides a good workout and the repetition necessary to continue your progress in aikido. If you are new to aikido and you come to this class, you will be paired up with a black belt who will help you with the basics. Please remember that beginners are encouraged to practice as often as possible. As a beginner, you are welcomed and urged to practice in any class on the schedule

Open Mat

Students of all levels are given an opportunity to do self-directed practice under the guidance of an instructor. Members may practice anything they want and questions will be answered by the instructor.

Advanced Class

The advanced class is a challenging workout using rigorous training to forge body, mind, and spirit. Students are exposed to a vast array of techniques and training modalities, including boken (sword) and jo (staff ) practice. The sensitive yet intense nature of this class helps practitioners develop high level skills and a deeper understanding of the nature of aikido. Prerequisite - 4th Kyu and/or permission from Bookman Sensei.


This weekly class offers students basic training in bokken (wooden sword) and jo (staff ). Techniques taught correlate to aikido hand-to-hand techniques and help practitioners project their energy.

Brazilian Jiu-jitsu

Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ) is a style of grappling that offers very effective self-defense skills and develops the practitioner’s fluidity and athleticism. Bookman Sensei is a black belt BJJ professor with over 20 years experience. He is excited about offering this practice at Tenzan Aikido. The emphasis of these classes is on each person getting a solid foundation in BJJ rather than preparing for competition. Bookman Sensei brings his years of experience teaching aikido to the way he teaches BJJ. The class is conducted in a lighthearted, informal environment where everyone can learn at their own pace regardless of experience level. It's great supplemental training for aikido.

Tenzan Aikido Test Requirements