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Tenzan aikido was founded in Seattle by Bruce Bookman Sensei in 1981. At our dojo, you will find a community dedicated to aikido practice for a variety of reasons. Some practice as a form of artistic expression, others are looking for a physical way to embody the deep philosophical underpinning of aikido while others strive towards a non-violent form of self-defense and empowerment. Many practice at Tenzan Aikido to improve their physical fitness and to experience that unique bond of joining a dojo community.

Bookman Sensei has created a program that draws on his 53+ years of aikido including an apprenticeship in Japan with some of the greatest masters in the world. He is committed to helping each member benefit from his years of experience as well as training the dojo black-belts to teach. Because of this, Tenzan Aikido is able to offer outstanding training in both the Adults’ and Children’s Programs. The caliber of instruction, our beautiful facility and convenient location help to make Tenzan Aikido a great place to train. Tenzan Aikido is a martial arts center that welcomes your entire family. We are proud members of the United States Aikido Federation and are affiliated with Aikikai Hombu Dojo in Tokyo. 

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