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Aikido Technique

Aikido Technique


Private lessons

Private Aikido lessons are availible in the dojo. One-hour rate: $110-$130. Half-hour member rate is $75. Non-member rate is $85. Covid safety recommendations determined by the instructor.

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Lifetime Membership

Hedge against inflation with the Tenzan Lifetime Membership. This includes unlimited practice of Aikido for adults or children and pays for itself in 7 years. $10,500 

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$69 New Student Intro Special 

This offer includes:

  • Private lesson with professional instructor
  • One group class in Aikido 

If you decide to join the dojo, the $69 will be deducted from your registration fee. No registration fee is required for the introductory offer. 

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Donations and Gift Cards

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Registration fee $69

$155 per month single month.
$150 per month by autopay. 
Full time college student $140 per month
$830 for 6 months of unlimited practice. 

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$1,500 for 12 months of unlimited practice.

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Aikido Mat Fees for visitors with out of town address only:

***$35/ day; $80/week; $175/month
(Seattle residents must join the dojo to practice)

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Registration fee per family $69 

Children’s Monthly Dues For Unlimited Aikido Practice 

$145/ month for each 

*$140/ month by autopay for 1 child.  

$258/ month by autopay for 2 children (10% discount for second child)

$340/ month by autopay for 3 or more children (50% discount for third child, additional children practice free)

6 Month Aikido Package*

$740  for 6-months for 1 child.  sign up for the 6-month package here...

$1,420 for 6-months for 2 children (10% discount for second child)

$1,790 for 3 children, 50% discount for third, additional practice free

*Includes uniform for first time beginners. (a $50 value)

Annual Package*

*$1,430 for 1 year of unlimited Aikido practice for 1 child  

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$2,750 for 2 Children 

$3,400 for 3. More children practice free.
*Includes a uniform (a $50 savings) for first time beginners


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Family Registration Fee: $69

Family Monthly Dues for Unlimited Aikido Practice:

$250/ month for 1 Parent and 1 child. 
$240/ month using autopay for 1 parent and 1 child. 
$380/ month for 1 parent and 2 children. A third child may practice free. 
$370/ Same as above using autopay
Add $100 to any of the above packages for the second parent to practice.

Family 6 Month Aikido Packages:*

$1,410 for 6 months of practice for 1 parent + 1 child. 
$2,090 for 6 months of practice for 1 parent + 2 children. 
Add $550 for second parent. 

Annual Aikido Family Rate:*

$2,820 for 1 year of practice for 1 parent + 1 child. 
Add $1,100 for second parent. 

$3,980 for 1 year of practice for 1 parent + 2 children.  
3rd child may practice free.
Add $1,100 for second parent. 

A $15 late fee will be charged if payment is received more than 7 days after due date. Consider carefully the program you are signing up for because we cannot provide refunds.

Private lessons available. Please enquire at the dojo.


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