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Aikido Testimonials


"We love the teaching methods and modalities that are used by Tenzan Aikido. The sense of discipline, trust, camaraderie and fairness that is employed by all the teachers at the dojo is really very impressive and our 6 year old son has benefited significantly from participating in the classes.  We hope that his enthusiasm will continue to grow as we all commit further to his development. Thank you to everyone at Tenzan Aikido!" -Oliver Laurence

"My kids have been training here for the last 3 years, and I've just joined myself with the adult program. 
First of all, I love the community - made some of our best friends here from the parents / kids community.
And later as a complete newbie in martial arts myself I am feeling truly supported in my shaky beginner days. The dojo holds events frequently - self-defense workshops for women, advanced workshops for martial arts lovers, camps for kids, and parties for families. 
Second, I love the flexibility of schedule: kids can come in as much as 5 times a week and on any random day that happens to work with our busy schedule (and for the same monthly fee). And also mix in BJJ classes if kids are interested. 
Adults have plenty of class options (morning, noon, evening) and with a variety of instructors. 
Third, the level of instruction at this dogo is top-notch. I hear this is one of the top aikido schools in the US. The dojo has developed and attracted plenty of high-level aikido practitioners so you get to practice with black-belt+ partners one-on-one. And plenty of individual attention and patience from the instructors 
to help you grow.

The bottom line is - we are here 5 days a week (with kids or adult program) and loving it!" -Elena English

"Started with our oldest son, 3 and a half years ago for a summer camp, now he is 8 and got his brown belt. Our second son started about 6 months ago and just got his orange belt, looking forward to have our third boy starting soon but not yet, too young :-)  We wish we could join them as well, sometime maybe. We really appreciate the entire team and have great respect for Bookman Sensei and Melissa in regards to their beliefs and what they are teaching our children. Life is all about knowing how to convert your thoughts into actions, maybe that's what balance is all about. Tenzan Aikido is the right place for our family." -Swen Grau

"I have been an active practitioner at the dojo for almost a decade, and also a very proud parent of two children that participate at the dojo. In that regard I can attest to the great quality of adult and child teaching that occurs on a daily basis – it is engaging, and of both local and national reputation regarding the quality of instruction provided." -Enrique Enguidanos, MD, FACEP

"I have known Bookman Sensei for over 20 years. If one judges a teacher by the character and proficiency of his students, Bookman Sensei has already created an exceptional legacy that includes thousands of students and a multitude of advanced practitioners." -Alan J. Cohen